Sunday, June 3, 2012

Worship and a Sunday Afternoon Walk

We actually had Irish weather today. There was a light rain and the temperature was only around 50 degrees.

Today we had the privilege of worshipping with the people of the Newcastle Baptist Church. In Ireland and the UK the number of evangelical churches has been on the decrease. So it is wonderful to find these small congregations of believers with which to worship.

We returned after church to have a light lunch of cream crackers and cheeses. After lunch we drove over to Tollymore Forest Park to take part in an Irish pastime, an afternoon walk. This beautiful forest runs up the side of the Mourne mountains (though seeing them was not possible today). This was not a teaching day, so the students enjoyed their exploration of this former estate.

Weather permitting, tomorrow we will be climbing our first mountain in the Mournes. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have wonderful views.


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  1. Beautiful Pictures! I have really enjoyed traveling with you! Nice job on the blog and can't wait to hear first hand stories.